Jumbo Hair Curlers are a revolution in hair curling!

These bendy foam rollers are all you need to create healthy curls that last.


No more heat, no more hair damage

Soft and light, Jumbo Curlers are perfect for overnight sets.

Simply apply them on dry or dampened hair and go to sleep. Next morning you'll wake up with beautiful waves or curls. For the best results, follow our usage instructions.


No clips, no creases

Simply bend the tips of these curlers to secure them in place.

Rolling you hair upward and securing it directing curlers tips downward will ensure that you won't have any creases in your hair.


No more time wasting

Spent an hour curling your hair with a curling iron just to discover that your hair went all straight after 30 minutes?

This is not going to happen when you use Jumbo Hair Curlers overnight*. The few minutes that you will spend applying and removing them will get you curls that really last!


*unless your hair gets humid, so to make your curls last several days you'll need to wear a cap when showering ;)